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Photos from Friday

Have you ever gone into a sauna? My gym has one and for the past 3 days I’ve been spending 10 minutes in there.  It makes your skin look pretty radiant and it supposed to help sweat out toxins from your body.  That last part may be a bit of a stretch since removing toxins are what your liver and kidneys do, but I’ll take the skin benefits. 🙂

These photos were taken Friday and I think the photographer Matthew Wilkinson did a  beautiful job.  Some may think they are too risqué or shocking but I did what I wanted artistically and this is what we have.  I cancelled the shoot the day before it was to happen because I was feeling very insecure about my body.  But after an hour I thought, “No, I’m not going to let this body-image problem continue to rule my life.”  So I re-contacted Matthew and he said we we could still shoot.

I want to thank everyone who comes by my blog.  The stats are really starting to take off and this is very flattering to me that you’re letting me share my life with you all.

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more sketches

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When I started my latest class I was under the assumption that Research and Evaluation meant, oh, I don’t know….studying chosen business things.  Well folks, reality check, it’s a fancy name for Statistics and Probability! Tricks! Foolery!  There is no class that a business student fears more than statistics because it’s fucking confusing.  Not only do you have to try to understand the material, but you are in charge of transferring what you know into Excel spreadsheets with lines, dots, bars, and other terrifying graphs that your professor can interpret…and understand.  That last part is very important. If he can’t understand the stuff you can barely understand, then there are problems.  Thankfully I have the day off tomorrow and will be studying, studying, studying.

I am really thirsty right now. Why do I suddenly feel the need to go drink a gallon of water?

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Brains with teeth?

Today I ran 10.5 miles.  I’m really on a kick to get more toned which, I’ll admit, will take more of a diet adjustment than more cardio or weights.  Since Christmas time my diet has been less than admirable and this past photo shoot really revealed the truth of that to me.    You can tell yourself many things about how you look, but the true revelation comes in the unforgiving eye of the photographers lens.  I like the photos but I’m not as “cut” as I’d like to be.  That’s okay, all we can do is move forward, to progress.

In the next few days I will start to scan in some the drawings I have been working on lately.  Carl gives me drawing “homework” each day to get me more accustomed to drawing images I am not familiar with or quite comfortable doing  and it is really  helping me get better.  I like drawing fairies and sprites.  Last night my assignment was a brain with teeth like a venus flytrap. Talk about being out of your element. 🙂

Blue Pensive Fairy

This is one of my older paintings. Enjoy!

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First photo shoot of the year.

Today I had a photo shoot with a photographer here in Tucson named Stacy Reeves.  It was a blast.  It can be  nerve wracking shooting with someone you don’t know but it turns we’d met once before at a different shoot where he was observing.  That put me right at ease and we had a fun time.  As the days go by I will be putting up some of the images so you can see, but this one is one of my absolute favorites that has ever been taken of me.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to do at least one shoot a month but so far I have another one booked next week Friday.  I must nap now, very sleepy.


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Changing your hair is fun

Okay, here is me with blond hair:


Now, here is me with black hair, a wig I bought today:

Black Hair

Finally, this is super fun red wig:

Red Hair

The thing I like about wigs is that they have bangs.  I have a very high forehead and find bangs to be the most flattering look for me BUT I just can’t have natural bangs.  They always look stupid, never sit right, and because I work out all the time are just a big pain in the ass.  Trust me, I have tried several times to have bangs but every attempt was a failure and I hated it.  Wig bangs are better because they always behave themselves.

Wigs are super fun but you have to own it.  You can’t walk out of the house feeling meek or shy or it’s just not going to work.  Hats are the same way.  You either own your hat style or you leave it at home.  Confidence is key!

Oh yeah, and the number one reason I love wigs is that they keep you warm in the winter.  Bonus!

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Muscular, muscular me

Okay, nine and a half miles today and I am so hungry!  It’s tough to stop eating your ass off following the holidays. I love food so much but I would rather not have to run the equivalent of a 10k every single day just to maintain my weight.  Especially because I want to do a photoshoot sometime this week.

My weight fluctuates about 5 lbs all the time, from 123 to 128 and right now I’m 128, thank you Christmas food.  If you look at all my pro photos I am 124 (I know bc I get on the scale before my shoots) and I’m happy at that weight.  To some that would be heavy, but let me tell you, I AM heavy.  My body (other than my boobs) is super muscular and dense and even if my body fat is at 16-18%, I’m still going to be in the 120-124 range.  That’s just the way it is.  It’s okay with me.

When I go on modelmayhem.com and see all those beautiful models that weigh so little, it makes me wish I would weigh that little too, but the reality of my body structure is that I would have to be starving to attain on the scale what they share with me in measurements.  That’s okay, those girls can’t run like I do, so there.

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Adding weekly miles

Today I ran 9 miles and really was loving every minute of it.  My goal was 11 but Carl and I had things to do on our day off and so I just let it go.  Tomorrow I will do another 9 miles because I want my weekly miles to be no less than 45.  My body loves running.  Everyone is suited for something that their musculature excels at genetically (with proper conditioning) and mine is running.

Don’t get me wrong, being 30 has something to do with it to.  Any woman who tells you they don’t care that they are not in their 20’s may well be telling you the truth, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to LOOK like she’s in her twenties.  There is no way to do that besides work out, don’t smoke, and don’t drink.  Yes you can get plastic surgery but do you really want to look like one of those freaky, stretched out housewives from Beverly Hills/Atlanta/New York Housewives?  Those women don’t even look real, they look like caricatures. It’s freaky.

I’m a pretty muscular girl but it doesn’t bother me anymore, it’s just my body type.

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Charlie – dobie. Teddy – cockapoo.  You wouldn’t know it but little white runs the show.  He raised big brown from when big brown was just a baby.  Teddy is 7 this month and next month Charlie will be two.

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